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pH measurement with portable meters

pH Electrodes

IDS Digital Electrodes


for pH measurement
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MultiLine® IDS – Digital Portable Meters

MultiLine® – a class of its own:
• Up to 3 parameters can be combined
• Automatic electrode identification
• Data transmission to USB stick or PC

pH Meters

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WTW pH Meters

pH is after weighing and temperature measurement among the three most frequent measurements in laboratories. It describes the activity of hydrogen ions which determines how acid or alkaline a solution is. The pH value is essential for biological, chemical, and bio-chemical processes as well as for the characteristics of many products. The most secure and accurate measurement is done by a pH glass electrode. A sensitive glass membrane detects small voltage changes caused by the hydrogen ions in the sample in comparison to a reference electrode. These voltages are converted to the pH value in the meter.

IDS pH electrodes do this conversion of these weak signals directly in the sensor. This provides a crucial quality increase. Simultaneously the digital transfer to the meter of the data allows cable lengths up to 100 m as well as extensive documentation features and the unique sensor condition display (QSC).

inoLab® pH Benchtop Meters

Portable pH Meters

SenTix® pH electrodes for every application

Digital IDS pH Electrodes

Calibration and maintenance

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