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“Dilution BOD”

according to EN 1899-1/EN 1899-2; official EPA method
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Dissolved oxygen measurement with portable meters

“BOD self-check measurement”

Worldwide approved method according to the self-check regulations
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Accessories for BOD measurement


Thermo cabinets and thermo box.

OxiTop® Box – Thermostat box with forced air circulation for 20 (±0,5 °C)

  • Compact
  • Precise
  • Uniform temperature distribution

OxiTop® Box with hinged, non-corrosive, clear-view cover accommodates a maximum of either 12 OxiTop® simultaneous measurements or 20 Karlsruhe bottles.
The chamber is equipped with a connection for an IS 6 or IS 12 stirrer.
A special compartment is provided for 6 methylene blue samples.
A cross ventilation fan ensures uniform temperature distribution and automatic defrosting system with condensate evaporation, plus the compressor is CFC-free.

Temperature control 20 °C ±0.5 °C
Ambient temperature Storage: -25 °C ... +50 °C
Operation: +10 °C ... +32 °C
Power consumption 200 W
Dimensions (H x W x D) 375 x 425 x 600 mm

Thermostat Cabinets

  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Cost-effective

To incubate samples at a constant, desired temperature during the reaction period, a thermostat cabinet is necessary. WTW offers thermostat cabinets in various sizes with a variably adjustable temperature range of 10 °C - 40 °C (50 °F - 104 °F) and a power supply of 230 V/50 Hz. Temperature accuracy lies at ±1 °C deviation from the set temperature.
Because the samples must be stirred, the thermostat cabinets are fitted with internal power sockets. 2 – 4 shelves are available, according to the thermostat cabinet size, thus enabling simultaneous temperature control of up to 48 standard BOD samples, or 4 IS 12 or IS 6-Var stirrer platforms.
The largest model, TS 1006-i is especially suited for special applications, as the space between the 4 shelves allows for 1.5 l vessels or flasks with side nozzles.
The sizes TS 606/2-i aTS 606/4-i are available with transparent insulating glass doors and are especially suited for use with the OxiTop® Control system. Data can be recalled through the closed glass door, to avoid temperature fluctuations caused by opening the door.

Model   TS 606/2-i TS 606/4-i TS 1006-i
Shelves   2 4 4 widely spaced
Number of samples   2 x 12 BOD standard 4 x 12 BOD standard 4 x 12 BOD standard
4 x 6 special vessels
Glass door   Optional Optional
Temp. control range   +10 °C … +40 °C ±1 K; adjustment interval: 1 °C +10 °C … +40 °C ±1 K; adjustment interval: 1 °C +10 °C … +40 °C ±1 K; adjustment interval: 1 °C
Ambient temperature   Operation: +10 °C ... +32 °C (Climate class SN);
Storage: -25 °C … +65 °C
Operation: +10 °C ... +32 °C (Climate class SN);
Storage: -25 °C … +65 °C
Operation: +10 °C ... +32 °C (Climate class SN);
Storage: -25 °C … +65 °C
Gross contents   180 l 360 l 500 l
(H x B x D)
850 x 602 x 600 mm
734 x 513 x 433 mm
1589x602x600 mm
1418x513x433 mm
1515 x 755 x 715 mm
1338 x 646 x 516 mm